Sunday, November 8, 2009

A.J. & Tom | Wedding

Saturday I had the opportunity to shoot a former co-worker's wedding with my friend and collegue Matt Vinci. I must say that once again, I had a great time! I truly love photographing weddings! There are so many things that come together to make the day monumental, so many emotions involved and so many great opportunities to capture awesome moments that will last forever.

A.J. You looked amazing! Thank you for making me part of your big day!


Thanks for looking!



  1. Dave, these are so stunning! You did an amazing job. I am sure AJ is going to absolutely love these!

  2. awesome pictures Dave!! also I love the brides red dress!!

  3. There is no comment that can truly explain ow wonderful Dave's work is. I've said it to the Bride and I'll say it to you: There is NO PHOTOGRAPHER on this planet that shoots better than David Esposito. Period. - YeVette D. Newton